Best Electric Cars Reviews and Comments

Best electric car can be bought if the driver knows his needs. Of course you won’t buy an electric car if you want to use if for traveling, because the battery won’t last in long distances. Another aspect that should be taken into consideration is the budget. If you can afford it, it would be a solid investment to purchase a branded electric car from a well known manufacturer, but if you don’t have enough money you can easily buy an electric car conversion kit and turn your own vehicle into an electric automobile.
The best electric cars are the ones that have zero emission levels and are very pocket friendly. Specialists have concluded that the average driver that has an electric car and uses it for his daily trips around town spends only 3 cents per mile. Still, the main problem of these types of cars remains their range, meaning the miles that the car can achieve on a single battery charge. This characteristic has been recently improved and some electric cars can run a 250 mile range.
The Chevy Volt is a type of car that is consider among car enthusiasts as a piece of engineering and one best electric car. This car is expected to run 40 miles on a single battery charge and will continue to run after the battery is drained out because the gas system will deliver the necessary fuel to reach the destination. The Nissan Leaf model can be charged from the power outlet of 220 Volts from any home. This type of car can go 100 miles on a single full charge. Its top speed is about 90 mph, provided by a 107 HP engine. Every electric car fanatic has heard of the Aptera brand. Although the designs of their cars can seem weird, the new models available, such as the Aptera 2e, are very efficient. They can run around 120 miles with a single battery charge. For more eccentric electric car users, there is the ZAP Alias model that is designed like an alien spaceship. The City ZENN electric car will recharge its battery in 5 minutes and will support 250 miles on a charge range. For upper middle class electric car users that have a family, the Tesla Model S is the perfect option. Because the manufacturer has added two more doors, the room needed to accommodate a family has increased. A more affordable price for an electric car can be achieved by purchasing a Th!nk City. This type of electric car provides cheap batteries and it can go around 110 miles on a single, full charge, while costing around $25K.

Electric cars are the perfect choice for environmentalists who want to keep air safe and clean, while benefiting from reduced costs in owning a car. These types of cars are perfectly fitted for small towns and, although they are designed as one-person or two-person models, new improvements have turned them into family cars as well. Best electric car is the one that suits the driver’s all transportation needs.

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